The Authentic

 I have proof of how the authentic Fruta Planta

helped me and hundreds of others!
The counterfeit Fruta Planta gave it a horrible reputation.  
However, I made this website to defend the AUTHENTIC & SAFE
Fruta Planta as this battle is worth the fight.  I honestly believe that this was God sent in my life.  So my FAITH is real.

Leslie Verbiest
Trust my Fruta Planta Faith, Inc.

Update: 2/11/14

If you are familiar with the authentic Fruta Planta and have experienced successful weight loss; please take note that we all become immune/tolerant of this product as we do with any other products, i.e. vitamins or prescriptions.  So understand that most people that try this product again DO NOT lose weight as fast as they did once they first tried this product.  Some people give up within a week or two and think the product is either counterfeit, but that is not the case as I know what I am talking about.  I can tell you that I keep in contact with most of my Fruta Planta friends and each situation/experience is different.  Most of us who become immune to Fruta Planta break that immunity by just simply taking two capsules simultaneously instead of only taking one capsule daily.  Of course we should see  a medical professional and continue our routine medical analysis to stay safe and  to assure ourselves that the Fruta Planta that we are consuming is free of any controlled substance (i.e. Sibutramine/Amphetamine) as there are many people who love spreading false information about the safety of the authentic Fruta Planta.  
I also would like to confirm that I have been taking Fruta Planta on and off since May 20, 2010 and I have experience many positive effects from this product.  Although, I am not losing a pound every other day like I initially did in the first two months, it has always continued to suppress my appetite and give me tons of positive energy.  Most importantly this product has improved my kidney function as my doctor pointed that out in the laboratory report that I have published on this website as well on my Facebook account. Fruta Planta has also improved my vision by two prescriptions.  I confirmed this with my opthamologist after asking him if an herbal dietary product like Fruta Planta can improve ones vision as it is rare that a person's vision could improve in two consecutive yearly appointments.  At my age of 38 years old my vision should most likely be decreasing as it did yearly since I was 30 years old.   Most importantly my heart condition of Mitral Valve Prolapse that I was diagnosed with when I was 28 years is no longer showing up on my heart stress tests.  All of this personal information that I am disclosing can be verified if needed.  Please be further advised that I am not saying that Fruta Planta can cure everyone's illnesses but I will say that many people have shared how Fruta Planta did cleanse away their kidney and/or ovarian cysts; and these people gave me permission to give their name if needed.  
Everything that I just discussed in this portion of my website are the main reasons why I do not give up on defending Fruta Planta as I believe that God did bring this product to me.  I do not care to make a dollar as I want this product around to share with my friends and family.
Leslie Verbiest

Welcome to my personal website!

Please do not harm your body by falling for the Counterfeit/Fake Fruta Planta with hidden dangerous ingredients being sold worldwide at cheaper prices!  I promise you that this is not a sales pitch.

I will show you what I learned with my serious research on how to detect counterfeit Fruta Planta.  If you are looking for a safe and natural way to lose weight immediately without harsh workout routines or starving yourself, then you found the right place.

The Authentic Reduce Weight Fruta Planta is an all NATURAL Chinese Herbal formula that has been PROVEN to get rid of the weight that you can seem to ever lose. It naturally cleans out the toxins in our bodies. It actually targets the stomach fat, arm fat, back fat and double chin. I can say it almost took away all of the cellulite that I have on the back of my thighs and it has actually given me beautiful well-toned physique that I never had.

90% OF REDUCE WEIGHT FRUTA PLANTA HERBAL SUPPLEMENTS THAT ARE BEING SOLD IN THE INTERNET AND IN THE CHINESE MARKETS AT CHEAPER RATES ARE COUNTERFEITS WITH HIDDEN DANGEROUS INGREDIENTS CLAIMING TO BE 100% AUTHENTIC! There are even manufacturers in China making these dangerous replicas. Although most replicas can help you lose weight and even suppress your appetite as the authentic Fruta Planta, these replicas are NOT natural as many have been known to contain a level IV controlled substance called Sibutramine (Amphetamines) or even caffeine.

The replica Fruta Planta capsules that are out there are giving Reduce Weight Fruta Planta a bad name!

I can show you the proof of my success as I went from a size 14 to a size 6 in less than 3 months. At first, I consulted with three physicians as I was very skeptical and nervous to take anything that is unknown, especially because I have a heart condition, anxiety disorder and am allergic to numerous medications. I made sure to have a complete blood work analysis performed to detect any foreign substances such as Sibutramine (Amphetamines). I did this to assure myself that this product is indeed natural as it is advertised. I personally took the Authentic Reduce Weight Fruta Planta on May 20, 2010 through September 1, 2010 and lost a total of 41 pounds. 

Please note that I am not only a supplier of this amazing and safe product but I am here to tell you the story of my weight loss success with 100% Authentic "Reduce Weight Fruta Planta." I am also here to show you how to make sure that you stay safe as I will be sharing with you what I discovered in my research of this product or shall I say this product's imposters. Yes there are seriously dangerous versions of this product that is being sold worldwide as the real thing. Out of 9 websites that I purchased this product from I received 7 fake/replicas. Due to the dangerous levels of controlled substances contained in these fakes they can eventually deteriorate your liver, kidneys and affect your heart. Most suppliers are not even aware of these fakes especially since they have a GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) safety seal on them as the authentic Fruta Planta do.

Please note, that I am not a medical professional. I only have a legal background in pharmaceutical trademark and patent infringement law. So I am not here giving medical or legal opinions. I am merely doing this to keep people safe and informed of the dangers that I have learned of in my research and dealings of this supplement. I cannot tell you how many times I have heard from individuals who have told me that either they or their friend ended up in the hospital after taking the replica/fake version of Fruta Planta. I can honestly say that some of these people did go and give the authentic Fruta Planta a chance and ended up fine and making safely lost weight.

Once again, the authentic Reduce Weight Fruta Planta is real and I am living proof that this works safely on the most sensitive people. I can say that because I have numerous medical conditions one being a heart condition (Mitral Valve Prolapse). I am also here to answer any questions and to guide you in your weight loss goal. It's okay to be skeptical as I was when I initially tried this amazing product. I also believe that the Lord brought this product in my life after I prayed asking Him to either help me lose weight or to change my perception of myself.

Directions: Just take one capsule daily as soon as you wake up in the morning at least 15 minutes before breakfast with room temperature water. It is suggested to take warm water, but I actually took it with room temperature water and it still worked wonders on me as in the first 17 days I lost 19 pounds. It is very important to drink at least 8 bottles of water throughout the day. Water makes this product more effective as it assists in the bodies cleansing of its toxins.

Side Effects:

Dry Mouth: Almost everyone taking the real Reduce Weight Fruta Planta gets extreme dry-mouth. It is actually a good thing as this makes you drink the water that is needed in the natural cleansing of your toxins.

Sleeplessness: Depending on the person, some people experience loss of sleep for at least the first two nights. This can also happen if you suffer from anxieties as I (Leslie Verbiest) have. In my experience, I was very worried when I started taking the Fruta Planta so I tossed and turned in bed for my first two nights. Even though I lost valuable sleep it was amazing how I still was able to wake up in the morning with lots of energy. On my third night I slept like a baby.

Jittery: It is unlikely that people get jittery, but I have heard of only one other person besides myself who felt jittery immediately after taking the authentic Fruta Planta. I am saying this after speaking to well over 300 people that I know who take the real Fruta Planta. In speaking for myself, I felt jittery because I took my first Fruta Planta capsule with coffee and since I am very sensitive that was not a good idea. As I stated above, I have numerous conditions including panicattacks and anxiety disorder. However, when I felt jittery I immediately drank a standard sized bottle of water and the jittery feeling completely went away within 30 minutes. After my first month I implemented my coffee back in my diet. During the first month of taking Fruta Planta I drank decaffeinated coffee then moved to 1/2 decaf to then the real caffeine.

Dizziness: I can say that you should not feel light-headed/dizzy when taking the real Fruta Planta capsule as long as you make sure that you drink plenty of water and eat breakfast, lunch and dinner.  It is better if you also implement fruits and vegetables in your diet.  Even if you are not hungry you must make yourself eat. Because many people including myself say that they forget to eat since this product suppresses your appetite.

WARNING: PREGNANT AND/OR LACTATING WOMEN SHOULD NOT TAKE THIS PRODUCT. Even if this is a natural product the exotic herbs are too strong for a fetus and infant. It is also NOT recommended for anyone over the age of 65 or under the age of 18. Once again, consult with a medical professional. Please print out a copy of the ingredients and its benefits and bring it to your doctor to confirm if it is safe for you to take this product. Keep in mind that anyone can be allergic to anything natural as well. For example I am allergic to One A Day Women's vitamins.

Active Ingredients and its Benefits:

Active Ingredients and its Benefits:

Lemon – This fruit is a natural antioxidant. Lemon with warm water has been used to help increase the process of weight loss in many detoxifying diets all over the world. This most definitely cleanses the body of toxins. It also has been known to have healing capabilities because of the natural antibacterial and antiviral properties it possesses. (This fact can be verified in the internet.)

Bitter Melon – Also known as (Momordica charantia) is largely grown for edible fruit, and is among the most bitter of all vegetables. It is a tropical vine of the Cucurbitaceae family, and is a relative of watermelon, squash and cucumber. It is widely grown in Africa, China, South and Southeast Asia and the Caribbean. Bitter melon should be part of a successful diet plan as it plays a crucial role in weight loss this natural herb enhances digestion and detoxifies the body. This also helps regulate the storage of energy and fat. Poor digestion can result in weight gain and obesity, and bitter melon helps counteract this effect. Sometimes physiology works against us and we develop insulin resistance. Bitter melon combats this by reducing insulin resistance, making it easier to lose weight.

Papaya – This fruit is a high source of Vitamin C and is also a natural source of Vitamin A. It contains a good source of fiber which is mostly known for enzyme papain. Papain helps the body break down protein. Papain is an enzyme that helps increase your metabolism, digestion of fats and the assimilation (apparent digestibility and absorption) of carbohydrates.

Mangosteen (Garcinia cambogia) – This is an herb that is a natural appetite suppressant and has been verified by many researchers. It is documented that this herb was used as ancient Indian medicine many centuries ago. Now mangosteen is known to help obese people improve their BMI and studies also prove that it reduces inflammation in overweight and obese people. It promotes weight loss by promoting the synthesis of stored glucose in the body faster. So when the brain receives the signal that enough glycogen has been produced and stored in the body you then feel full and satisfied when you eat smaller portions then you are used to. Also when mangosteen is taken over a period of time it has been known to reduce the cravings for carbohydrates.

Spirulina Maxima (Spiral) – This is a blue-green algae and it has been known to contain high levels of protein, Vitamin B1 (thiamine), B2 (riboflavin), B3 (nicotinamide), B6 (pyridoxine), B9 (folic acid), Vitamin C, Vitamin D, Vitamin A, Vitamin E and Vitamin B12 which provides your body with essential fatty acids. (Note: It is still in dispute if Vitamin B12 is truly present in spirulina maxima.) Some tests show that spirulina aids in weight loss because of its high phenylalanine content, but per one review by the FDA there is no evidence to support this claim.

Fruit Gum – Fruit gum ingredient is an excipient and is used in the granulation, compression and binding of the Fruta Planta herbs. Per [], Excipients are also sometimes used to bulk up formulations that contain very potent active ingredients. To stabilize the active ingredient, excipients are added, ensuring that the active ingredient stays "active", and, just as importantly, stable for a sufficiently long period of time that the shelf-life of the product makes it competitive with other products. Thus, the formulation of excipients in many cases is considered a trade secret. Pharmaceutical codes require that all ingredients in drugs, as well as their chemical decomposition products are identified and guaranteed to be safe. For this reason, excipients are only used when absolutely necessary and in the smallest amounts possible.”

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